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Praise the Lord everybody!! God has opened doors for our “Hurt No More “outreach by being chosen to oversee the conversion of four churches in Kenya to the Churches of our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. (Cooljc).

The people there are hungry and eager to seek more information about the Word of God and need tremendous amount of support, guidance and leadership to get started on the right path. In doing so, I will personally need to personally travel to Kenya twice a year ( every six months) to conduct crusades in an effort to ordain pastors and assist with baptisms in the name of Jesus Christ as so expressed in Acts 2: 38. With the cost of travel, food and hotel accommodations, it will require a substantial amount of money that the outreach will not be able to maintain independently.

I will need about $2,250.00 for a round trip ticket each time I travel and approximately $500.00 for hotel accommodations which includes both breakfast and dinner. The country is very poor and needs our true commitment to helping them along their journey to having a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Some of their problem areas include: 1) lack of Bibles and Christian literature, 2) lack of buildings to hold services due to impoverished areas and members not being able to support in building efforts, 3) lack of support for orphans and housing and 4) insufficient transportation. For this reason, I’d like to be able to sow a seed of $200.00 per church ($800.00 total) to assist them in those areas. For my initial trip, I will be travelling specifically to Maua, Kenya September 18-24, 2016.
Not only has the outreach been working with believers in Kenya, but we have also been working with 33 Pakistanians who’ve recently converted from Islam to Christianity. They have been attending Bible study with our leadership via telephone on a daily basis. They live very poorly in Pakistan but they have a hunger for the Holy Word of God like none I have ever experienced before.

They are in dire need of food, Bibles, laptops and printers. If you would like to support in our outreach efforts with Kenya and/or Pakistan, please go to the donate button on the website, click there and follow the instructions.

If you have Paypal, you can donate directly by sending your support to If you would like to support a specific country, please email me at with the subject “ donation” and specify the country and the amount you gave. If you’d like to contact me personally for more information, please send me an email as well. I will be glad to answer your questions.
Please check back on our website for updates on our outreach in Kenya as well as more information about our church, local community outreach events/programs and other international outreach efforts in Pakistan and Jamaica. Also, follow us on Facebook at New Covenant Pure Holiness Church International and on Periscope at Pastor Reginald Griffin.

I personally thank each and every one of you from the depths of my soul. God Bless you for sowing into the Kingdom of God!!
Pastor Reginald Griffin



-Christ Kingdom Independent Church was initiated in the year 2002 by Apostle Pastor Alfred A.Matoke in their family.The Church Consists of Elders,Five fold-Ministries,Children,Orphans,Church Widows and all adults.The Space was achieved by election of a special Shade for Worshiping and as other Fellowships and currently we have 4 Fellowships Churches,although some of the Fellowships meetings are done under Shade made.


-The Church has grown from family level to Fellowships Churches.At the moment we have 4 Functional Fellowships Churches.
-Members have donated pieces of land for Construction of Churches and later the land to be Purchased.
-We had one Pastor initially,but today we have 4 Pastors and 6 Associates Pastors.
-The Orphans have increased from 18 to 32 in the Orphanage and other 45 orphans in their home based care.
-The numbers of Widows have increased from 17 to 23 in number.
-Many have converted in this Ministry unlike the beginning.
Many Children have been converted to God’s word and now they are taking memory verses.


1.The Ministry has a difficulty due to lack of Bibles and Christian literature books.
2.Lack of buildings on donated lands due to insufficient income from the church members that can not support to put a church building and therefore many Fellowships Churches are under Shade made.
3.Lack of support for Orphans as they lost their Parents.
4.Transport for Pastors and associate pastors to their specified Ministering places or to reach the lost souls due to lack of transport and poor infrastructure.This also include Pastors to be Ordained in Jesus name.
5.Lack of Public address system alongside Christian Musical instruments.
6.Lack of home for Orphans and home based care.


May the Lord Father King of Kings richly bless you Pastor Reginald Griffin as you will study this Memorandam



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