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Reginald Griffin


  • Born in Goldsboro, North Carolina to Katie M. Griffin and James Frazier, Reginald has been working with the youth for more than thirty years.
  • As Area 6 coordinator he has worked with both youth and adults in 3 states as coordinator and has been inspirational to a tremendous amount of people.
  • Provided support for nearly  1, 000 men over a ten year period while managing a volunteer staff of  12 people, and ministering to 7 different counties.
  • Name to the executive Board of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ which serves the United States and Foreign Countries. This Board is responsible for managing certain territories of the organization.
  • Help Establish the Soup Kitchen in Griffin, Georgia, while ministering to the needs of the homeless.
  • Started the Battered and Abuse program for women and children to help encourage and provide safe housing needs.
  • Establish a once a weak program for men with Drug and Alcohol Abuse Problems.
  • Founded the R.L. Griffin Bible Institute.



  • Business major (Housing and Management) Wilson-Salem State University
  • License- Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • License- Counselor- Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Certificate- System of Care Academy
  • Founder o R.L Griffin Bible Institute


Recognition and Awards______

v  Vice President  Award – GNC

v  Chaplin Lovejoy High School

v  Sunday School of Hall of Frame

v  Winner of the Mother Mae Solomon Award

v  Award  & Speaker at Griffin Tech College – Fatherhood Program


Relevant Experience______________

  • Sr. Pastor of the New Covenant Pure Holiness Church International, to serve as the Leader and encourager of those that have come directly from jail or Prison, and to empower them for a better today and greater tomorrow through words and deeds.
  • Drug and Alcohol Program coordinator; to help men to see hope within themselves and not through drowning themselves in a bottle, pills, needles, etc. To show them that mercy really does come before judgment, and to build their self-esteem through self-improvement.


  • Founded and organized “The Men of Hope” Program. Supervised men to support men, reaching one who will teach one about the strength of brotherhood and the importance of staying unified. To offer a voice to speak, an ear to hear, and a bond to last. “My friend is my Brother.